Pizzas and pasta prepared from various types of flours are our great challenge


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The very centre of Brtonigla, supplementing the San Rocco Hotel, ranked the best small hotel in Croatia for a decade, with one of the best restaurants in our country, is the home of Primizia Food & Wine, which can be translated as 'the first new fruit and vegetable of the season'



  1. Spring


    The beginning of spring in Istria is one of the best seasons in the year when the nature gives us one of the healthiest ingredients there is: wild asparagus. Wild asparagus is a self seeding vegetable plant picked in Istria from mid March until end April. During said period, our restaurants offer this magical plant as a main ingredient of delicious and extra healthy specialities.

  2. Summer

    Figs, cherries, vegetables from our garden

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  3. Autumn

    Truffles in Istria

    Truffles are a culinary supplement which delights many gourmands. Truffles in Istria are used in food to supplement other dishes by adding their particular and intense flavour or they are processed as various spreads, cheeses, oils and alike delicious foods. Istrian white truffle is one of the most esteemed in the world, it matures in autumn, and this delicacy is best tried immediately as it is picked. Black truffle as well as other white truffle subvarieties eaten during winter and summer are being found more frequently in its vicinity, on the hills along the Mirna river.

  4. Winter

    Istrian prosciutto

    This Istrian jewel is present at every social gathering in Istria. The best Istrian prosciutto can be tried in an Istrian house. Many evenings start and finish with good wine, Istrian prosciutto and homemade bread. <

Brtonigla municipality

The Brtonigla territory, known for its long-lasting wine- and olive growing tradition, hosts the biggest concentration of wine producers in Istria. These very characteristics make Food and Wine Primizia an attractive place for those who wish to be in a direct contact with the very centre of a small typical Istrian town, its history and magic as well as with the best which can be offered by the surrounding nature and diligent peasants...
Brtonigla Municipality is characteristic for its 'four lands' i.e. all Istrian soil types intertwine on the territory of this municipality. This unique case in Istria as well as beyond has resulted in the 'Four Soils Projects' aiming at promoting indigenous ingredients to evaluate the area and its specificities. The research has also shown that different soils give different products, starting from Istrian Malvasia wines, olive oils, wheat etc. We have accepted 'The Four Soils Project' with great satisfaction and ease as we have always been trying to use our own ingredients. Learning about others who have recognized the value of ingredients grown on our territory is a proof of us being on the right way if we wish to offer our guests something native, simple, and healthy. We wish to feel and live healthy, in a full contact with local philosophy, ingredients and the old way of preparing food in bread ovens, which served as an inspiration for this concept...


Our products

Today we own about 1200 trees of indigenous olive varieties, planted on our estate and exclusively around Brtonigla, and used for the production of San Rocco Olive Oil. Grape vines which used to give wine to our family are today used in the production of wine vinegar. People used to believe that vinegar was made from wine residue, which was reflected in its low price. We have decided to produce noble vinegar from noble grapes. This has resulted in Cavallier wine vinegar which can be tasted by our guests. Next to the olive groves there is a family garden supplying fruit and vegetables for our 2 restaurants.

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